Plato’s Cave (2020 update)

Okay this is my second Plato’s Cave. Those of you who know the analogy of Plato’s Cave could possibly help me figure out what they are forced to look at as captive audience. I decided with the Donkey, Dollar, Elephant theme.

We as captives are  forced to watch constant advertising, political pandering and my biased view difference between both parties is none.

Final new Platos Cave finished version of Plato’s Cave.

As you can see, I included the one person who got away leaving the cave for the rest of the world, in the upper right.  Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.

Allegory of Plato’s Cave


Chained individuals in the dark forced to look ahead at a blank wall in a cave where shadow images are displayed on the wall from a fire behind them, images controlled by fire tenders.

This wall and shadows are all the chained individuals know of the world. One day a chained individual gets loose and escapes to wander to the surface and sees the sun and the real world as green and blue not just black and orange. Feeling sorry for his chained comrades the free individual goes back into the dark of the cave and has trouble seeing in the dark but attempts to explain to his comrades the wonders of the real world. The chained comrades feel threatened by his story and believe it is a lie and would kill him for trying to change the world they know.

Artist view, Plato’s Cave is a metaphor for US and the world fed propaganda by the Establishment Mass Media.

Does anyone have any other ideas of what the forced audience in Plato’s Cave just as we are forced to watch? this is my view of our so called two parties?  I have conjured other options, but so far like this one seems apt.

Asparagus and Artichokes (update)

As I watch the Republicans offer us great options for a better world and country, Trump people should know conservatives offer the solution, it is called freedom and liberty with religion as the guiding light.  Anyone who votes Democrat must not be a Christian and surely if they voted for Obama, they must be a heretic, Hillary in the last election was not my first choice, but then the Democratic Party is an oxymoron.    Differences between the two political parties are clear as mud, both want war with Iran, one wants to privatize  Social Security, one wants to privatize Medicare, one want states to have their rights back but the Democrats act as enablers while playing catchup. Least we forget repeal Obama Care (ACA)  and  how about that Benghazi there must be a  something hiding in there, today we have the Russians to fill the media with finger pointing. So states rights and the good Christian family value of discrimination can return.  Well one thing is both parties don’t have Louie Gohmert in the back ground for now. “Louie Gohmert says that Christians are America and are being persecuted and abused.”  I suppose along with dispersion’s on his asparagus.

One thing Democrats seem to be missing which happens to be a great advantage for the Republicans is a dreamy eyed fetish for Ayn Rand, though the establishment Democrats do seem to have a fetish for neoliberalism   Apparenlty for the Democrats  Ayn Rand worship  still in the closet for them, but is so hard to tell from their neoliberalism?

Let it be known Conservative family values are important to conservatives, you know…so the Koch Brothers can fulfill their well planned destiny… because we know corporations are people too.  Republicans have a huge advantage over Democrats because of their great choices of past mentors and presidents like Ronald Reagan, George Bush and compassionate people as guiding lights like Alan Greenspan and Dick Chaney lurking in the wings, always there  to guide them on. So now for the 2016 presidential election… today we see  exceptional  conservatives, gliding out front like angels from heaven,  working hard fighting for justice to be out front like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, well for now. but one can only dream of dispersion’s on his asparagus grabbing the helm.

Both parties are exactly the same, except the Republicans offer a better US, with religion as the bully pulpit. while Ayn Randy Greenspan plans to make society better by creating insecurity among the populous. Democrats need to catch up, they need Ayn Rand, neoliberalism is not doing it, plus Conservative Family Values  like the  Republicans offering  us compassionate Ayn Randism at its very best.

Asparagus and Artichokes


Benghazi amusing the masses by diversion

Okay this is a political rant if you will.  So just ignore this post if politics is not your cup of tea. Recently one supposed political side is on a Benghazi tear while the other political supposed side is reacting.  I suspect Congress has nothing else to work with now that they are done with the IRS un scandal for today and bashing the Affordable Care Act yesterday.   I see politics as a deviation from reality where obsession is distraction. So tis  politicians lumber though hoops which do not exist while they try to promote to lobbyist.

A recent blog  which I find enlightening has listed Confucius Quotes link: but one Confucius quote I find particularly accurate in its description of politics is;  “It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, particularly when there is no cat”.

So here we are with Congress’s  9th attempt to undercover the Benghazi cover up…which is funny when one  connects the dots in which  cats have  nine lives.  Anyway I wrote a poem…I realize not a very good one for I like to do the Irish limerick with my poetry and Benghazi is one heck of a challenge.

Benghazi 9th more

There’s a place called Benghazi

drives the Republicans crazy

Benghazi Republicans love to say the name

Benghazi seems to have driven Republicans insane

Benghazi four Americans came to their death

Benghazi Republicans act like they are on meth

Benghazi Republicans the president they want to impeach

Benghazi from day one they would do anything to reach

Benghazi, 9 times now Republicans have begun

Benghazi saying the name, for Republicans must be fun

Then There’s a place called Iraq not Benghazi you see

American deaths where four thousand four hundred eighty nine

Benghazi Republicans deaths in Iraq must be divine?

Benghazi sounds so good to say, while Iraq has crickets a sign

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi we must hear

Benghazi over and over and over again

Benghazi on a spit we must sear

Benghazi a name Republicans love to say

Benghazi fills the Republicans day

                             Leefeller Guy

My apology to Antytrup, I have not figured out how use the WordPress links tool.


Kama Sutra Politics… Guess who gets buggered?

My self proclaimed expert opinion supersedes many others, for the simple reason I had cards printed. I do not know about anyone else in this great nation of ours, I have seen some marvelous changes made since Obama has been in the white house…for the life of me I just cannot pin a finger on any of them. So the only hope I seem able to conjure up is my hope these great changes made by Obama become apparent to me before I am struck by a meteor.

During the election I was gaga over Obama under his spinning spell of the Hope and Change, only to find out it turned into a blind date with a much smarter George Bush. What ever happened to getting rid of the lobbyists? How about the new Medical Scheme, (the ACA) seems like it turned out to be much better than a stick in the eye and more expensive. If I knew Obama was going to spend all his time in so many different compromising positions, I would have ordered a hard bound copy of “Kama Sutra” from Amazon.

I voted for Obama even though I was aware of his hawk like qualities, after all Obama seemed like such a nice guy, who actually speaks using complete sentences.

After contemplating my navel, I feel there is little difference between either the Democrats or the Republicans. Eight years of watching a smirking Bush in the white house and congress giving the smirking Bush just about everything he asked for without a hitch… except Social Security. Then hope and change Obama moves into the White house with a much touted Democratic majority and all of a sudden everything passes with the ease of a kidney stone. Blame can go to the Blue ball Democrats and the GOPER party of no for calling the shots, after all these compromising positions the need for a “Kama Sutra 2” should be in order!

The good old days of Andrew Breitbart and Anthoney Weiner Rip

I wrote this during the Breitbart/Weiner days of vaudeville. My April Fools piece
It may become one of those historical events which will pass like a kidney stone with a lot of pain and noise soon forgotten. I am talking about the recent events of one Mr. Anthony Weiner and his sexcapade which seems to have brought large sections of our small-minded country to their knees. Far as I am concerned I would prefer to not hear about other peoples proclivities and deviations. Not that I believe proclivities and deviations do not exist, I just wish people would keep them to themselves.

Evidently Washington DC and the media live in a bubble of selective reality and hype. The revelations of Anthony Weiners penis seems to have taken a conservative right hard on attitude as to what Weiner should do.  Weiner’s escapades seems to have been a gift sent from the media gods…. After all how much … Palin, Bachman and Newt and Tea Bag/Koch Brother excrement can one stomach?  What war? Who gives a damn about Medicare, surly not the Republicans and sometimes I am not sure about the Democrats?

Having observed the Moral high ground portrayed by people on the right like Andrew Breitbart (Rip) brings a tear to me eye, the fact that Andrew Bereitbart refused to expose the wenier/weiner pictures shows that Bereitbart was a man and a conservative above and beyond the normal lack of integrity and crassness of other conservative Republicans…Bereitbart should become (now)  the past guiding poster boy and moral compass for our society. Bereitart had displayed for the right, a prim and proper way of blackmailing without involving money…so much more refreshing blackmailing for the sake of it.

Bereitbart showed an exceptional political savvy exceeding what most Republicans pass for smarts. I hope to see more people with integrity such as Bereitart portrayed, by exposing things so important in the matters regarding society.

A few other people who happen to show integrity and a low road compass of morals of such a higher plain, had crawled out of the woodwork from the Republican ticket side, you know …people like Palin, Bachman or Newt, so far the whole Republican cast,… the warriors fighting for the people, those huddled masses out there…  the suffering masses… surly Republicans portray the highest of high ground by exposing the Democrats for their weak character of compassion and even worse something called  integrity.

In politics we need more people showing  these well endowed conservative quality of dishonesty and moral repugnancy just as Andrew Bereitbart did. Touching our lives and Televisions (but only after applying copious amounts of antiseptic), displaying their pathetic so-called reality.

Many years ago I worked with a person who talked with a lisp after several months of working together, I found myself occasionally starting to pronounce some words with a lisp. My point is… if I moved to Washington and hung around Republicans… I would probably end up being an elephant talking like an ass.


Skunks and dogmas

Every once in a while I smell a skunk here on the ranch where I live, so far my present dog has not been skunked… in the past my other dogs usually got skunked only once if they where smart, and several more times if they where democrats, and constantly if they where republicans. So my only conclusion is a blind dogma is almost the same as a slow learning dogma and I suppose I never had a Tea Party dog?

Tilting at Windbags


Sound escaping air
full of oneself
excreting breathless lies

On Truthdig, the title “Tilting at Windbags”… amused me and as a political junkie and appreciator of poetry I came up with the above and may edit as my mood changes.; Feel free to comment and add your rendition of Tilting at Windbags.  The Truthdig article was about Mittens not the cat, criticizing the guy who kicked his golden butt in the last election.>

The World Is My Teapot

A friend of mine commented; “I am beginning to believe Government members create most of the crisis they pretend to combat, in order to perpetrate the belief that they are the most necessary of all evils.”… I suppose this can apply to things other than government, crisis as fear comes from government to Religion, to CEO’s, Wall Street, Corporations, the powerful and the huddled masses, a simple fact they all spend a lot of time substantiating their own existence politicians more than most. After all life may be about substantiating ones own existence, apparently some people are so much better at it as they manufacture crisis.

From the elixir of snake oil salesmen to the mob protection racket, opportunistic pandering has no bounds. Look at the web today, we must all purchase and wear software condoms to protect ourselves from fear of catching a virus. A virus which may taint our webby experiences, seems always the lurking virus or the looming Trojan horse hovering over us, fear and threats used to substantiate the dire need of protection. it has crossed my mind, fear and threats could possibly be sponsored by the very condom manufactures themselves, capitalism, government and religon appear to be in cahoots.

I recall the old 1940’s black and white mob movies, where the protection racket mob goons approached a small business or store owner and would say; “nice windows you got there, it would be a shame if someone tossed a brick through them, you need to buy our insurance”. So I cannot help but see the same scenario on my computer every time my condom contract runs out…. “nice computer you got there, be a shame if a virus took over, you need protection”. I find the protection racket scam seems to be surrounding our lives in many different ways.

From what I have read according to an archaeologist, Shamans as the religious leaders, may have been the first protection racket? The hunter gatherers had their shamans and chiefs who claimed to have all the answers about the known and the unknown and as true opportunists Shamans and the chiefs effectively manipulated it for all it was worth, probably helping them have the choice of prime mammoth steaks and choosing from the most beautiful virgins while lounging in a prime real estate cave penthouse. Tithing in religious temples today seems little different. Today of course money is used in tithing instead of giving the usual goats head to the Shaman or a virgin daughter to the Chief, not accounting for choir boys. Shaman and the chief set the rules which applied to everyone; except to shaman and the chief.. You must do this or you will end up someplace most unpleasant, maybe even as the devils dish rag, after all you do want the gods to look upon you favorably so tithe.

Insurance today seems another protection racket, but unlike the threat of a broken leg in order to protect us from goon inflicted smashed windows or broken legs, insurance works on fear of the potential and the possibly like my webby condom, though insurance seems a bit more real then religion and politicks, but without the cement boots, using fear none the less, a fear of not having any. Living in fear promotes a need to contemplate on the necessity of purchasing protection. Medical insurance seems to be all the rage these days, at least for those who can dole out enough goat heads and are able to afford it.

In politics we see a constant introduction of fear, the only protection offered is to vote for the lessor fear. The opportunism and self promotion always bolstering itself by manufacturing opposing fears. Seems one side says we must fear…. fear itself, while the other side points at the fear manufacturers by taking advantage of the same fear.

The notion politicks is an absolute necessity is also one of those self substations of primary social engineering. So polticks never willingly passes into obsolescence, especially since politicians, chiefs and shamans enjoy the best perks civilization has to offer as they constantly create crisis like my condom wearing webby experience pretending to combat a manufactured fear, and offering goon like protection from Trojan Horses, broken windows and the potential fears of fear itself while using fear.