Plato’s Cave

Final new Platos CaveFox News of its time, this is my finished version of Plato’s Cave.

Okay this is my second Plato’s Cave. Those of you who know the analogy of Plato’s Cave could possibly help me.they are forced to watch. Does anyone have any ideas of what they should be forced to watch, this is my view of our so called two parties?  I have conjured up some ideas like a swastika or elephant and donkey, yin-yang, does this help, so I did the elephant and donkey with dollar symbol.

As you can see, I included the one person who got away leaving the cave for the rest of the world, in the upper right.  Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.

Fyi: According to Plato…the person who got away goes out and sees the  world comes back and tells the others about the real world and they kill him or her? (which I find amusing since how did they kill someone when they where strapped to poles?)


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