19th Avenue San Francisco

From my photograph of 19th Avenue going through San Francisco.  It may not be done, but then this is referred to as artists discretion. Since I was conjured, born and raised in San Francisco I will need to get back there and take more pictures to paint. Have  a potential idea or two in my minds eye, which I could possibly attempt, but for now it is foggy.

This is oil on canvas 16×20. 20161029_170138

Plato’s Cave (not quite done)


20161214_172703-1Okay this is my second Plato’s Cave a work in progress and it is slowly coming together. Those of you who know the analogy of Plato’s Cave could possibly help me. I feel it is close to done. I still need to place a band around the heads of the people strapped to the poles so they cannot turn their heads and of course I do not have an idea of what to paint as the subject they are forced to watch. Does anyone have any ideas of what they should be forced to watch?  I have conjured up some ideas like a swastika or elephant and donkey, yin-yang, does this help?

As you can see, I included the one person who got away leaving the cave for the rest of the world, in the upper right.  Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.

Fyi: According to Plato…the person who got away goes out and sees the  world comes back and tells the others about the real world and they kill him or her? (which I find amusing since how did they kill someone when they where strapped to poles?)



I painted this sometime ago and what is annoying I had posted this and other art works here which appear to be missing?  Anyway this is one of my first expressionist works when I did not even know what expressionist was. 18×24  oil on canvas, it is sold. Carab

John Sargent Singer my rendition of his Vienna

Having neglected by blog off and on, checking into it, I have found some of my posts are missing.  So I will attempt to update them and happen to be starting with this one of my favorite works by John Sargent Singer, if I recall is named Vienna.

In this blog there is another post with the original Vienna for comparison, when I get some time I may combine them, to show how good or bad I did. Meh!

oil on canvas 16×20