Asparagus and Artichokes (update)

As I watch the Republicans offer us great options for a better world and country, Trump people should know conservatives offer the solution, it is called freedom and liberty with religion as the guiding light.  Anyone who votes Democrat must not be a Christian and surely if they voted for Obama, they must be a heretic, Hillary in the last election was not my first choice, but then the Democratic Party is an oxymoron.    Differences between the two political parties are clear as mud, both want war with Iran, one wants to privatize  Social Security, one wants to privatize Medicare, one want states to have their rights back but the Democrats act as enablers while playing catchup. Least we forget repeal Obama Care (ACA)  and  how about that Benghazi there must be a  something hiding in there, today we have the Russians to fill the media with finger pointing. So states rights and the good Christian family value of discrimination can return.  Well one thing is both parties don’t have Louie Gohmert in the back ground for now. “Louie Gohmert says that Christians are America and are being persecuted and abused.”  I suppose along with dispersion’s on his asparagus.

One thing Democrats seem to be missing which happens to be a great advantage for the Republicans is a dreamy eyed fetish for Ayn Rand, though the establishment Democrats do seem to have a fetish for neoliberalism   Apparenlty for the Democrats  Ayn Rand worship  still in the closet for them, but is so hard to tell from their neoliberalism?

Let it be known Conservative family values are important to conservatives, you know…so the Koch Brothers can fulfill their well planned destiny… because we know corporations are people too.  Republicans have a huge advantage over Democrats because of their great choices of past mentors and presidents like Ronald Reagan, George Bush and compassionate people as guiding lights like Alan Greenspan and Dick Chaney lurking in the wings, always there  to guide them on. So now for the 2016 presidential election… today we see  exceptional  conservatives, gliding out front like angels from heaven,  working hard fighting for justice to be out front like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, well for now. but one can only dream of dispersion’s on his asparagus grabbing the helm.

Both parties are exactly the same, except the Republicans offer a better US, with religion as the bully pulpit. while Ayn Randy Greenspan plans to make society better by creating insecurity among the populous. Democrats need to catch up, they need Ayn Rand, neoliberalism is not doing it, plus Conservative Family Values  like the  Republicans offering  us compassionate Ayn Randism at its very best.

Asparagus and Artichokes


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