Not so fond memeories

The other day when I had some free time for Reminiscing and after watching what is called News, for some strange reason I recalled the time after Bushes Shock and Awe happened in Iraq… there appeared a deck of cards showing alleged criminals from the Sudden Assume government in Iraq, containing pictures of alleged and apparently already convicted Iraqi criminals wanted by the United States Government. After very little thought, I wondered how we could do something similar to making a deck of cards for alleged criminals in Washing DC, for those naughty opportunists we know so well. Seems to me, we would need to develop an extraordinarily large set of dominoes instead of only 52 lousy cards.
I ask why bother, in a million years, after all the dominoes were taken care of, we would just have to start over and make a new set of dominos anyway?

For the Bull


Blame a game,

fear a tool

Plutocracy making all look the fool

Manipulation used to guide

Illusions and deceptions to hide

Always money making everything so funny

An oil spill here, a coal mine accident there, life is sunny

Slob on the street, cannon fodder for the elite

Welfare for the poor call it socialism in a heat

Bail out for Wall Street

Now… that can’t be beat!


Oppressors do not feel as they should while the oppressed feel as they do .

The wicked bathe in glee, as their victims suffer.

Apathy spawns, do unto others as you want, but do not do unto me as you want.

Emptiness is the treasure for trying to steal happiness.

Selfish are blind to beauty.

Vindictiveness grows like the cancer it is, while life should grow with love.

Pettiness is the substance of nothingness, many abide abundant nothingness.

Goodness of the heart must defend from within

Georgie Porgie

Growing up recent events reminded me of the Georgie Porgie Poem, not sure what the orginal Georgie Porgie was all about, but my rendition seems to be up to date.

Georgie Porgie

Rain on grass and concrete
Georgie Porgie with a gun
pow, dead black mans son

Raining on grass

Man with gun

dead mans son

Vast room chairs
full of empty minds
all so blind

Solving your problem

Take all radioactive waste
to just the right place

May I suggest Washington DC
For dost matter little to me

so to Mongolia it must go
for they do not know

never in my yard nor next to me
so far away tis to be

out of sight out of mind
in your yard… not mine

Send it to the moon, I say
get that waste out of my way

Leefeller Guy


Falling roofs among other things la vignette

The real roof over many peoples heads has fallen in, while a metaphorical roof seems to be falling in over most of our heads, as we watch the full of themselves solipsist’s constantly preform their political Kabuki drama of opportunism and one-upmanship shift shaping differences and the similarities of a disappearing the ever less different left playing catch up, merging with the right always attempting to out manipulate the other, with the right power grabbing here and the left grabbing less there, an allusive never ending dance of alleged difference.

As a skeptical believer of yin and yang, (scepticism which I am aware is ironic) the ever presence of two opposites seems to be before my eyes in my daily life, right and wrong, hot and cold conservative and liberal, ham and eggs, girls and boys…. well strike the last one.

In the world of yin and yang, there is always the opposites, covering everything, though it must be in my nature for some unknown reason to continue my never ending quest to discredit Yin and Yang? So for now, Yin and Yang can cover anything from art to politicks, religion to facts the ever presence of opposites, the opposing two, for instance in the arts of painting there is Yin and Yang of light and dark, the red and blue and then we have the Yin and Yang of politicks, the Republicans and the Democrats, good and bad, the conservative and the liberal. I find the Yin and Yang of politics so much more confusing compared to most things like astro science and the Pope. In politics it takes a tremendous amount of sifting to see, through the endless overwhelming fuzzy Kabuki Theatrics, which makes me wonder at things like Fox News for then, apparently no Yin and Yang their? In my case I am always questioning, separating those well choreographed hidden constant manipulations, never ending going ons, supposedly behind some dark curtain, shadowy figures fighting over who will end up pulling the strings, while the common folk gathers tidbits from trickle down mealy pablum.

So it seems to me, the common human may be doomed to a simple Ying and Yang of life and death But the idea of life and death has been changed, for it seems to have been bastardized by Republicans to mean; The Yin of a twinkle in the eye and Yang to mean to birth, for it appears in the powerful world of hypocrisy, after birth the living do not matter. To be used… yes, sending children into a world to starve on the street or die in someone’s made up war, usually a chicken hawks game of war. Where is the Ying and Yang in that? To bring one into the world then outwardly despise them? The aristocracy and the serfs? To be born poor or become part of the middle class, to learn unions are dogs to be put down and the huddled masses are to be manipulated like puppets depending on the whims of the few, supported by cronies. The so full of themselves few, as the monied, the entitled, the new nobles who just happen to be filthy rich and have the money to make more money, you know after all it takes hard work to obtain and buy power, This is the Yin and Yang of the haves and the have nots, the rich and the not so rich, the filthy rich and the filthy masses, some have the Yin of a roof over their head and others have the yang of of a bridge over theirs… yes, I think I got it.