3 thoughts on “Acrylic Bear Creek

  1. This is a lovely painting – whether you like acrylic or not 🙂 The movement of oil is beautiful as are the rich colors. I give private children’s art lessons, so I’m thankful for acrylic’s versatility with water – great clean up – no muss, nu fuss. Acrylics have come a long way in terms of the drying colors retaining their original brilliance. I occasionally add paint extenders/medium that slows the drying time (it does seem to change the thickness of the paint though).
    But in the end, oil is the real beauty as are your paintings

    • Thanks, I use extenders also but lately I have used a one inch brush and paint dipping the brush in the Novo pint or quart jar mixing colors… as my pallet is my brush of acrylic paint as I apply it, it is more fun that way. My beef is really with tubes of acrylic, now that I think of it. I understand the smell and such of oils.I have not done an acrylics for several years now, my jars are drying up. Thanks for your comment.

  2. You know, there are polymers and additives that extend the drying time of acrylics and Open acrylics by Golden take a few days to dry – of course you have to be very careful not to mix them with other manufacturers products because you run the risk of some pretty narly crazing, especially if you plan to pour GAC 800 over any part of the work. I do use their acrylic polymers and mediums to add a luster and color depth that is nearer to the effect of oils than without…

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