Nevada Run

Nevada Run 30x36 acrylic on panel

Nevada Run 30×36 acrylic on panel

After having gone through Nevada, I thought of a stagecoach going along route 66 and decided I would attempt to paint one. The hills are from my minds eye, while I looked at different photos off the web for the coach.

As painting go, it is a large one at 30×36.

Moon over trees

Nocturnal moon over trees

Nocturnal moon over trees

Acrylic/oil on canvas 18×24

After my negativity about acrylics, please let me apologize…I have had some fun with acrylics also. This work was done from me minds eye and done quickly using pint jars of acrylic paint on canvas. I like to use a large brush and paint fast to get the basic work done and if I am not happy with it I finish it in oil. Now, I do not remember if I finished this in oil so to be safe I will say I did and this in mixed media. Soon as I find two other acrylic works which I am sure I did not finish in oil I will post them, one is called the “tree of life” and the other is named “Carob” (name of a horse).

I find doing this blog helps me focus on my art and forces me to pay attention to what I have done in the past.

Acrylic Bear Creek

Bear Creek

Bear Creek

This was my first acrylic work and it was not my last, but I find acrylics annoying because they dry so darn fast and seem to scratch on the canvas compared to oils which flow. This is from a photograph I took which was a practice in capturing moving water and using acrylics.