Big Cat


After I painted the Rhino as one endangered species, I decided to paint the Tiger, apparently their habitat is in decline.

This is acrylic on canvas 3 x 4 feet, the size and colors make it eye catching. my attempted expressionist style, had a lot of fun painting this without a pallet and mixed my colors on the canvas. I found acrylics dry to fast on a pallet.

Abstract…color, value and balance

AbstractOkay, I already wrote this and it was lost in the great divide called web space.

Most recent finished work is this abstract on canvas 20 x 30 inches.  It is a exercise in color balance (not Fox kind) and value.

One views abstracts by squinting…so they look like shapes one sees in a room after waking from a previous evening indulging in copious amounts of tequila.

Thats no Lady!

Acrylic on canvas 18x24

Acrylic on canvas 18×24

Portrait of a lady, depending on ones definition, that’s no lady and that’s not my wife?

Practice makes perfect and in order to improve my portrait work I need to paint more portraits…I prefer only ones which catch a mood and as most of my work I paint for the challenge of it.

Custom Redwood oil

Custom Redwood oil

This is a custom redwood painting selected from one of my photos. There is something very special about Redwood trees, a soft quietness of nature. I grew up around redwoods and worked for a time in their presence, one can only feel honored to have had the opportunity.

18×24 oil on canvas.

Nevada Run

Nevada Run 30x36 acrylic on panel

Nevada Run 30×36 acrylic on panel

After having gone through Nevada, I thought of a stagecoach going along route 66 and decided I would attempt to paint one. The hills are from my minds eye, while I looked at different photos off the web for the coach.

As painting go, it is a large one at 30×36.

Hawain Sunset sans Palm Trees

Sunset sans palms

This oil on canvas was an exercise in dry brush technique. After seeing all the sunsets on Don Charismas site mine seems marginal, I did not place the palm trees in because it diversifies potential location. It was fun using the dry brush technique using medium and layering.

Oil on Canvas 18×24

The Tree of Life

Tree of Life

I find it amusing I complained about acrylics previously here, but this is one of my favorite works which just happens to be acrylic, I feel as the hypocrite. This was painted from my minds eye and done with pallet knife and brush. I wanted to see how I could use a dark background with contrasting values. I am very pleased with the results.

You know it is strange, as I bring out and almost organize my paintings here on this blog it inspires me to do more work. It seems I forget some of my works as time goes by, so this is a good way of prodding me into doing more work.

Acrylic on canvas circa 18×24

Got Grapes

Got Grapes

Got Grapes

One more encaustic I did when experimenting, this was done on wax paper with wax to see how they would work together, I was pleased…but the wax paper was not really a benefit, it seemed a problem in the sense it provided no support… though I liked how it turned out well enough to have it framed and mounted. My apology for the photo, glass makes it so hard to get a decent photograph.

Encaustic on wax paper so it is wax on wax? About 11 inches by 16 inches. The Encaustic really shines on this one.