Plato’s Cave (2020 update)

Okay this is my second Plato’s Cave. Those of you who know the analogy of Plato’s Cave could possibly help me figure out what they are forced to look at as captive audience. I decided with the Donkey, Dollar, Elephant theme.

We as captives are  forced to watch constant advertising, political pandering and my biased view difference between both parties is none.

Final new Platos Cave finished version of Plato’s Cave.

As you can see, I included the one person who got away leaving the cave for the rest of the world, in the upper right.  Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.

Allegory of Plato’s Cave


Chained individuals in the dark forced to look ahead at a blank wall in a cave where shadow images are displayed on the wall from a fire behind them, images controlled by fire tenders.

This wall and shadows are all the chained individuals know of the world. One day a chained individual gets loose and escapes to wander to the surface and sees the sun and the real world as green and blue not just black and orange. Feeling sorry for his chained comrades the free individual goes back into the dark of the cave and has trouble seeing in the dark but attempts to explain to his comrades the wonders of the real world. The chained comrades feel threatened by his story and believe it is a lie and would kill him for trying to change the world they know.

Artist view, Plato’s Cave is a metaphor for US and the world fed propaganda by the Establishment Mass Media.

Does anyone have any other ideas of what the forced audience in Plato’s Cave just as we are forced to watch? this is my view of our so called two parties?  I have conjured other options, but so far like this one seems apt.

The Wheat Harvest

Pieter Breughel the Elder, inspired me with his painting “The Wheat Harvest”…probably because we had an exceptional wet winter and the summer hillsides as they dried into summer had a beautiful golden color, which I saw, Breughel the Elder had in this painting. After some research I found out Breughel was the first painter to paint regular people working and playing instead of the usual stogy religious or wealthy persons… Breughel may have changed and van guarded how artists painted and selected their subject matter.
Breughel’s Wheat Harvest really inspired me to emulate his painting best I could. I used an 18×24 canvas which was already prepared and primed in white flake, (which is very toxic for those who work with it, when wet, though I only painted on top of it dry) I have never used paint with white flake. I must say it was an interesting surface to work on, very smooth and white flake really accepted the brush strokes with pleasure.
You can see the original “Wheat Harvest” on many links, but I found this one from Penn State to be interesting;

Here is my rendition of Piter Breughel the Elders “Wheat Harvest”


Adolf…Civil War Hero

Not many people know this and probaly more people would not care… when Adolf Hitler
Had his 122 birthday last year in Chicago, evidently some people actually celibated it. Only in Chicago, about 60 people gathered at a Restaurant to party hardy for Hitler’s “birthday”. It seemed they where also celebrating the start of the Civil war…now I do not know if party goers happen to know this, but Hitler was not in the Civil war?

According to observations from passer by’s…the room was decorated with swastikas, and banners and there were two cakes which were decorated with the words “Happy 122ed Birthday Adolf” and the other one said…”The South Was Right. White Men Fight.” apparently some people do not have a clue of how many years it has been since the Civil War…which explains some things!

Party goers did not wear costumes depicting either Nazis or the Civil war, but there seemed to have been a large number of people wearing tea bags and one person was reported to be riding a strawman,..waving a red fish… which seemd to be a troubling cause of concern among many of the party goers, because they suggested it sort of looked gay?

Police Chief Harry Toad, told reporters that a man with a backpack entered the banquet hall and ordered a shot of Tequila and a vegan sandwich with roast beef and cranberry sauce,.. before heading into the men’s room to set off a smoke bomb.

Harry Toad said the officers do not have a clear description of the man who threw the smoke bomb, except that he was medium height, with a ruddy complexion, had a peg leg, a patch over one eye and a hook for one hand. Police are asking for any information leading to the wherabouts of this man!

Owner of the restaurant, Dusty Bucket,.. said he was not aware that the banquet space was rented for Hitler and he had not noticed the Swastikas!


Oppressors do not feel as they should while the oppressed feel as they do .

The wicked bathe in glee, as their victims suffer.

Apathy spawns, do unto others as you want, but do not do unto me as you want.

Emptiness is the treasure for trying to steal happiness.

Selfish are blind to beauty.

Vindictiveness grows like the cancer it is, while life should grow with love.

Pettiness is the substance of nothingness, many abide abundant nothingness.

Goodness of the heart must defend from within

Georgie Porgie

Growing up recent events reminded me of the Georgie Porgie Poem, not sure what the orginal Georgie Porgie was all about, but my rendition seems to be up to date.

Georgie Porgie

Rain on grass and concrete
Georgie Porgie with a gun
pow, dead black mans son

Raining on grass

Man with gun

dead mans son

Vast room chairs
full of empty minds
all so blind

Falling roofs among other things la vignette

The real roof over many peoples heads has fallen in, while a metaphorical roof seems to be falling in over most of our heads, as we watch the full of themselves solipsist’s constantly preform their political Kabuki drama of opportunism and one-upmanship shift shaping differences and the similarities of a disappearing the ever less different left playing catch up, merging with the right always attempting to out manipulate the other, with the right power grabbing here and the left grabbing less there, an allusive never ending dance of alleged difference.

As a skeptical believer of yin and yang, (scepticism which I am aware is ironic) the ever presence of two opposites seems to be before my eyes in my daily life, right and wrong, hot and cold conservative and liberal, ham and eggs, girls and boys…. well strike the last one.

In the world of yin and yang, there is always the opposites, covering everything, though it must be in my nature for some unknown reason to continue my never ending quest to discredit Yin and Yang? So for now, Yin and Yang can cover anything from art to politicks, religion to facts the ever presence of opposites, the opposing two, for instance in the arts of painting there is Yin and Yang of light and dark, the red and blue and then we have the Yin and Yang of politicks, the Republicans and the Democrats, good and bad, the conservative and the liberal. I find the Yin and Yang of politics so much more confusing compared to most things like astro science and the Pope. In politics it takes a tremendous amount of sifting to see, through the endless overwhelming fuzzy Kabuki Theatrics, which makes me wonder at things like Fox News for then, apparently no Yin and Yang their? In my case I am always questioning, separating those well choreographed hidden constant manipulations, never ending going ons, supposedly behind some dark curtain, shadowy figures fighting over who will end up pulling the strings, while the common folk gathers tidbits from trickle down mealy pablum.

So it seems to me, the common human may be doomed to a simple Ying and Yang of life and death But the idea of life and death has been changed, for it seems to have been bastardized by Republicans to mean; The Yin of a twinkle in the eye and Yang to mean to birth, for it appears in the powerful world of hypocrisy, after birth the living do not matter. To be used… yes, sending children into a world to starve on the street or die in someone’s made up war, usually a chicken hawks game of war. Where is the Ying and Yang in that? To bring one into the world then outwardly despise them? The aristocracy and the serfs? To be born poor or become part of the middle class, to learn unions are dogs to be put down and the huddled masses are to be manipulated like puppets depending on the whims of the few, supported by cronies. The so full of themselves few, as the monied, the entitled, the new nobles who just happen to be filthy rich and have the money to make more money, you know after all it takes hard work to obtain and buy power, This is the Yin and Yang of the haves and the have nots, the rich and the not so rich, the filthy rich and the filthy masses, some have the Yin of a roof over their head and others have the yang of of a bridge over theirs… yes, I think I got it.

For the bargain price of $150, you can purchase alien abduction insurance. The policy covers up to 1.5 million in damages if the claimant can prove he or she was actually abducted.

For some time now I have been worried about many different things, like the terror on war, all the terrors in between and even the terror on terror! But now I have a new thing to worry about. It is documented and known, aliens have been abducting people from all over the world but mostly in places like Kansas. One theory is these aliens are practicing to become airport security personal or politicians.   How many times have I heard of people riding on a lonely nighttime road only to be beamed up to a UFO?  I mean these abductions by aliens must really have happened… because why would someone make this up?  So now I have a new thing to worry about, as I fret and worry every time I am driving along a dark lonely road, especially when I am alone, I  feel the watching, as if someone or something is following me and I know it is those damn aliens wanting to get me in their clutches ( not sure if aliens have hands) and probe me with the well reported and and notorious anal probe machine, probably made by  Hallabutan. This anal probe thing cannot be a coincidence, the number of stories about abductions and anal probes exceeds the Fox News Category of reality. What is one to do about alien abductions… Well all my fretting and worrying has finally been addressed.

Finally our friendly Insurance industry has developed an alien abduction insurance policy, which covers up to 1.5 million dollars in damages, all for the super bargain price of $150 for an Abduction policy.  Though now I have something else on my fret meter.  Evidently the insurance policy can only be collected if the claimant proves he or she was actually abducted by aliens.

Chimp hords stones, while people throw dirt

A while back I read in the news the following headline: “Chimp hordes stones for throwing at visitors in zoo

Apparently the remarkable ability of Chimpanzee to save and horde stones until it became agitated when larger numbers of visitors attended the zoo, sets a new precedent on animals in connecting them to humans.  Usually when agitated, monkeys have been known to through dirt. (Actually monkey poo), but monkeys never planned in advance like the chimp,  monkeys always did it on the spur of the moment… so monkeys went with the flow sort to  speak.

Even more remarkable is the ability of some humans to have shown an ability to horde their thought  (usually one) and the ability to throw their verbal or written poo or debris when agitated, which seems to indicate some limited degree of premeditation on some humans part also.  This has actually helped scientists realize the similarities between humans to Chimps,  the connection is now closer than ever before…with the Chimps still in front.



Twists and turns make the path hard and long
In the shadows things not seen, nor feel they belong

Little sounds, loud noises stop us in our tracks
move on,  climb over logs that bar the way
keep on moving,  I say

move brush aside that would slap our face
we must continue with our constant pace

Stay the path, or lost we will be
When we get to the end only then will we  see