For the Yin and the Yang of it

You know, I mentioned Yin and Yang on one of my previous blog posts, I also mentioned Yin and Yang when commenting on a political site at “Truthdig”. Let me be clear, I do not consider myself an expert on Yin And Yang nor much of anything else, but when learning art we where taught the importance of Yin and Yang in art as opposing differences or opposites, also over time I picked up some more ideas on the meaning of Yin and Yang by osmosis. Evidently my accounting of Yin and Yang was a blasphemy of western proportions and according to the Yin and Yang police I have a limited consciousness…which may have something to do with an accident I had with a bowling ball and a garage door opener. According to the Yin Yang police it means two sides of a one sided coin? I latched right onto that two sides on a one sided coin, like making sure to wear concrete shoes every time I go swimming. Being a skeptic in general and in specific about absolutism’s, such as Yin and Yang, I decided to paint a picture of Yin and Yang… well it came out different than I remember it, my painting depicts a slightly hairy renegade bowling ball disguised as Yin and Yang.
Renagade Bowling Ball

2 thoughts on “For the Yin and the Yang of it

  1. i like your painting of yin and yang it’s really original looking.
    I had a realization about this symbol a year ago when I was having “a moment of clarity ”
    I’m a recovering addict and I’ve been working the 12 steps of recovery.
    Step 2 is about having a higher power and as a matter of fact God is mentioned several times in the twelve problem with this is I’m an atheist and don’t believe in magic. I decided to look at buhddism to see if it was full of magical bullshit and was happy to see that it’s basically atheism mixed with extreme philosophy. I believe in positive and negative, in fear and love. I used to think yin and yang was a picture of the Buhddists’ gods but I came to believe that yin and yang are human righteousness and human wickedness.
    Yin is white with a black dot, this dot represents judgement. Overly righteous people feel justified in judging others for their mistakes.
    Yang is black with a white dot, this dot represents forgiveness. Overly wicked people are more likely to forgive because they wish forgiveness for their own mistakes.
    Too much righteousness will lead to self righteousness because they stop leading by example.
    Too much forgiveness leads to self indulgence because they never lead by example.
    To me yin and yang is a diagram that displays how to achieve an atheistic moral balance.

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