For the Yin and the Yang of it

You know, I mentioned Yin and Yang on one of my previous blog posts, I also mentioned Yin and Yang when commenting on a political site at “Truthdig”. Let me be clear, I do not consider myself an expert on Yin And Yang nor much of anything else, but when learning art we where taught the importance of Yin and Yang in art as opposing differences or opposites, also over time I picked up some more ideas on the meaning of Yin and Yang by osmosis. Evidently my accounting of Yin and Yang was a blasphemy of western proportions and according to the Yin and Yang police I have a limited consciousness…which may have something to do with an accident I had with a bowling ball and a garage door opener. According to the Yin Yang police it means two sides of a one sided coin? I latched right onto that two sides on a one sided coin, like making sure to wear concrete shoes every time I go swimming. Being a skeptic in general and in specific about absolutism’s, such as Yin and Yang, I decided to paint a picture of Yin and Yang… well it came out different than I remember it, my painting depicts a slightly hairy renegade bowling ball disguised as Yin and Yang.
Renagade Bowling Ball