The Tree of Life

Tree of Life

I find it amusing I complained about acrylics previously here, but this is one of my favorite works which just happens to be acrylic, I feel as the hypocrite. This was painted from my minds eye and done with pallet knife and brush. I wanted to see how I could use a dark background with contrasting values. I am very pleased with the results.

You know it is strange, as I bring out and almost organize my paintings here on this blog it inspires me to do more work. It seems I forget some of my works as time goes by, so this is a good way of prodding me into doing more work.

Acrylic on canvas circa 18×24

Descartes before the Horse

Descartes before the Horse

Years ago when young I took philosophy
using that part of my brain quite new to me

abstract thought can be hard or it can be fun
demands connecting dots to find a sum

I think therefore I am, which makes me remember
this fall class, long ago in cold month of November

my professor was blind and students so crass
would get up and tiptoe to sneak out of class

bet the professor knew what they where doing
when grade time came who were they screwing

only questions asked where by me, which made me seem on the ball
other students who stayed in class never ever asked any questions at all

So when semester was over, the grades were posted
Everyone looked at the only A on top seemed as it boasted

I recall a big crowd turning to look right at me asking… “this must be your A?”
I moved thorough the crowd to see, while thinking must be my day

moved up to the list and realized it wasn’t me
“No”… I said, … I received a C

                                                                 Leefeller Guy

Memories of a freind

Today is our farewell to Peggy day and I wanted to say I will miss her one more time and add a picture of a place we had seen together.

One last time around the bend.



Ode to Peggy

the world feels empty, every time someone leaves
so as one deals with it, this is called grieves

Memories of Peggy are nice to me
took Peggy to doctors for her glasses you see

would have a pleasant lunch on the way home
talked to Peggy occasionally on the phone

A friend from Church she became
we had friends… some of whom where the same

I met people through Peggy I did not know
her neighbors and daughters are to show

Peggy had been around it seems
I think she may have been a nurse or a teacher
she even knew my friend a preacher

well known for her macaroni and cheese
Peggy made it so well, all who ate it where pleased

missing Peggy could be… but isn’t sad
for having known Peggy, I am so glad.

                                      Leefeller Guy

Got Grapes

Got Grapes

Got Grapes

One more encaustic I did when experimenting, this was done on wax paper with wax to see how they would work together, I was pleased…but the wax paper was not really a benefit, it seemed a problem in the sense it provided no support… though I liked how it turned out well enough to have it framed and mounted. My apology for the photo, glass makes it so hard to get a decent photograph.

Encaustic on wax paper so it is wax on wax? About 11 inches by 16 inches. The Encaustic really shines on this one.

Seeing the Light

oil on panel 30 x 36

oil on panel 30 x 36

Finished this last year, I was finally pleased with it and is one of my favorites. I had spent off and on several years getting it to Goldilocks just right…where I liked it. This originally was started in an abstract class shaping cones with string, I preferred doing it freehand. The colors in the painting match the frame texture and color with uncanny likeness.
My studio is full of art works I may have decreed allegedly finished and then I look at them and decide to improve them, of course this mostly would be oils or acrylic…watercolor would be another story.

I like this one to the degree, I may make it my blog header.

Oil on panel framed 30×36

Benghazi amusing the masses by diversion

Okay this is a political rant if you will.  So just ignore this post if politics is not your cup of tea. Recently one supposed political side is on a Benghazi tear while the other political supposed side is reacting.  I suspect Congress has nothing else to work with now that they are done with the IRS un scandal for today and bashing the Affordable Care Act yesterday.   I see politics as a deviation from reality where obsession is distraction. So tis  politicians lumber though hoops which do not exist while they try to promote to lobbyist.

A recent blog  which I find enlightening has listed Confucius Quotes link: but one Confucius quote I find particularly accurate in its description of politics is;  “It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, particularly when there is no cat”.

So here we are with Congress’s  9th attempt to undercover the Benghazi cover up…which is funny when one  connects the dots in which  cats have  nine lives.  Anyway I wrote a poem…I realize not a very good one for I like to do the Irish limerick with my poetry and Benghazi is one heck of a challenge.

Benghazi 9th more

There’s a place called Benghazi

drives the Republicans crazy

Benghazi Republicans love to say the name

Benghazi seems to have driven Republicans insane

Benghazi four Americans came to their death

Benghazi Republicans act like they are on meth

Benghazi Republicans the president they want to impeach

Benghazi from day one they would do anything to reach

Benghazi, 9 times now Republicans have begun

Benghazi saying the name, for Republicans must be fun

Then There’s a place called Iraq not Benghazi you see

American deaths where four thousand four hundred eighty nine

Benghazi Republicans deaths in Iraq must be divine?

Benghazi sounds so good to say, while Iraq has crickets a sign

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi we must hear

Benghazi over and over and over again

Benghazi on a spit we must sear

Benghazi a name Republicans love to say

Benghazi fills the Republicans day

                             Leefeller Guy

My apology to Antytrup, I have not figured out how use the WordPress links tool.


Devils play ground

Surreal work I have on my studio door, mixed media 30x30

Surreal work I have on my studio door, mixed media 30×30


This is done in acrylics, it started out to be an abstract but turned out to be the devils play ground. I was trying out my new quart bottles of acrylic paint using a two inch brush, mostly to see if the the bottled acrylic colors would be vibrant and intense, and how they felt on panel. They did a good job…and with acrylics I find working in the zone most necessary. (zone tuning everything else out).

I was inspired by Gauguin’s use of color and his work “vision after the sermon”. Being inspired by other artists is so important in my view, as part of growing.

Acrylics on panel 30×30

Nice to see you darling!


First let me start this with an apology, since I am not a politician I have the freedom and respect of accountability to apologize.  In this case I was reading though my blog comments and likes section when I saw the following quote from ZsaZsa Gabor.  So here I am smug in my blogosphere thinking I do not need to remember peoples names but when I searched through my comment and follow section I could not find the blog person who posted the ZaZa comment to give  a credit link.

Zaza Gabor explained she addressed everyone by calling them  “darling” because she could not remember their names. I like the ZsaZsa idea (also like the name ZsaZsa)  for I have one heck of a time remembering most anything… including not remembering peoples names.  So, I decided for a time  to addresse everyone by calling them dude, this worked for a short time until I used it on a women, who seemed to find it offensive to her femininity… even after mentioning about  equal rights she seemed even more animated and upset, she still did not find my women’s equal rights  argument acceptable, maybe she was a Republican?  Then I remembered back in boot camp when my Drill Instructor  addressed all of us boots as … “ladies”, apparently some of the guys  found being called “ladies” sort of insulting,  though it did not bother me,  because I found it kind of funny?  Then I tried out addressing everyone by calling them  “Cuz”… becuz in a sense everyone in the world is everyone’s Cuz, though it sounds strange to people you never met before, so I did not go with cuz.  How about addressing other people you cannot remember their names by “brother” or “sister”?  I decided against  this, because calling someone “brother or sister” could become quite uncomfortable…one never knows, especially in my  case with the ladies  I never know when I may have amorous intentions down the road,  plus brother sounds kind of religious like a monk or something.  A lot of people seem to like using the word “you” which is not always used in a positive sense, like…when this guy addressed me by saying…”You”… “sound like a Nazi wearing Jackboots”…or “you”…” are one of those liberal pinko commies”…no “you” does not work well, when addressing people, and  it sounds kind of insulating,  especially when “you” is followed by a four letter word.

So in the end… I ask a person as I grab my smarty pants phone;  “and … how do you spell your name again”.


Platos Cave as the Matrix?


Quick accounting of Plato’s Cave

“Plato has Socrates describe a gathering of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to designate names to these shadows. The shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality. He then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall do not make up reality at all, as he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadows seen by the prisoners.”
“Allegory of the cave” from Wikipedia”.

Now I did not read all of the synopsis written from Wikipedia…I recall the person who was freed (escaped in my version) from the cave returns and tells the others about… real reality and they do not believe him and end his life, which seems hard to fathom when they where chained up? I sort of look at Plato’s Cave as our Mass Media… especially biased news, always calling wolf.

Anyway I painted Plato’s Cave from me minds eye and it is oil on panel, if I recall I used a pallet knife and mixed all my colors from the basic color wheel back when I was determined to mix my own colors.

Oil on board 36×36

The analogy of Platos Cave came to mind recently when I saw this on UTube, a poem called the Matrix. I find it cogent: