Descartes before the Horse

Descartes before the Horse

Years ago when young I took philosophy
using that part of my brain quite new to me

abstract thought can be hard or it can be fun
demands connecting dots to find a sum

I think therefore I am, which makes me remember
this fall class, long ago in cold month of November

my professor was blind and students so crass
would get up and tiptoe to sneak out of class

bet the professor knew what they where doing
when grade time came who were they screwing

only questions asked where by me, which made me seem on the ball
other students who stayed in class never ever asked any questions at all

So when semester was over, the grades were posted
Everyone looked at the only A on top seemed as it boasted

I recall a big crowd turning to look right at me asking… “this must be your A?”
I moved thorough the crowd to see, while thinking must be my day

moved up to the list and realized it wasn’t me
“No”… I said, … I received a C

                                                                 Leefeller Guy

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