Today is our farewell to Peggy day and I wanted to say I will miss her one more time and add a picture of a place we had seen together.

One last time around the bend.



Ode to Peggy

the world feels empty, every time someone leaves
so as one deals with it, this is called grieves

Memories of Peggy are nice to me
took Peggy to doctors for her glasses you see

would have a pleasant lunch on the way home
talked to Peggy occasionally on the phone

A friend from Church she became
we had friends… some of whom where the same

I met people through Peggy I did not know
her neighbors and daughters are to show

Peggy had been around it seems
I think she may have been a nurse or a teacher
she even knew my friend a preacher

well known for her macaroni and cheese
Peggy made it so well, all who ate it where pleased

missing Peggy could be… but isn’t sad
for having known Peggy, I am so glad.

                                      Leefeller Guy

Memories of a freind

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