Art of Issues

My support for the animals of this world is expressed in my rhino picture.  Apparenlty by osmosis and virtue of my subconscious, I created a work supporting my fellow humans and  doing this work, subconsciously… after the fact as the  work was done  I realized I had made this  abstract portal in a strange way showing black lives matter. I suppose in a very strange way.

I was experimenting on canvas with water color and  ink and pen, curious to see how ink and pen felt on canvas.   Sometimes mediums do not feel well on different surfaces.  As it turned out I liked the feeling and concocted this work.

BLM abstract

I had forgotten but had seen this picture and had downloaded  it to my picture files when  I had seen the below photo on the web.     As  controversy’s go we do seem to live in a violent society,  I am not attacking the police here, but the uncanny way this work developed seems to suggest our minds (mine especially) do work in strange ways. I find the visual  both compelling and the analogy amusing, I use the world amusing as the photo  impacted me in some way?


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