Running Rhino

Sometimes when I see a picture on the web or if I take the photo myself  … if I really like it for its composition, color content, movement I just cannot help myself and the Challenger is in and I must paint it or try. . Most of what I have painted has been like this, though all my abstracts came from my minds eye.

I saw the photo of the rhinoceros  running at the camera and I had to paint it, the colors and movement really caught my attention, it hit me like the Seabiscuit work I did several years back from a famous photo.

Recently I saw on Twitter where a person paid 350 K to kill a rhinoceros, which I find detestable, but money seems to buy just about anything. Anyway this painting is in memory of all the Rhinos killed for entertainment or their horns.  RIP all Rhinos and all animals killed for entertainment and not for food.

This oil on canvas 18 x 24 inches. Rhino3 Oil

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