4 thoughts on “Abstract in Wax

  1. There is something about encaustic that doesn’t document well in a photograph, I’d like to see this piece in person because I suspect there is a lot of depth to the color that isn’t revealed here!

    • I am having it framed only because I like it ….When I get it back I can take another photo of it. It is a lot of fun to use and making ones own colors even more fun. It is not a very large piece. It was a quickly done piece more of an experiment really. For instance the background could have been done with better material.

    • Sorry, I mixed up my Abstracts in wax, we will call the other one Puff which I was mistakenly was referring to. Your question was about my last one. I did not have a great choice of colors, for a small group of us where using available heated colors and I did not like the yellow. Actually I do not know what I was doing…just doing. You may be correct about the depth and color loss in the photo, I will take another photo and see if it can grasp it.
      Side note: I cannot stand Facebook…reference to your mention of Facebook…right on.

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