Sometimes I find an art work which inspires me to paint or emulate it,in this case one of my favorite artists John Singer Sargent.
Recently I emulated one of John Singer Sergeants paintings in mixed media it was one he called Black Creek. Soon as I find the Jpg file I will post it for you to see.
Right now I am intrigued by one of Sergeants paintings called Street in Venice, I found it so intriguing for two reasons. One the composition really strikes me and two, I recently saw a photo of a displaced mother and her child in a war torn street in Syria which was just as striking, but screaming sadness as opposed to Sergeants work, which is amusingly sexist… I would paint the Syrian displaced mother, but I cannot find the photo. Anyway here is John Singer Sergeantsjohn-singer-sargent-paintings--street-in-venice-87905 work which I plan to paint in oil on linen.

One of my favorite artists…John Singer Sargent

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