5 thoughts on “Afternoon Walk

    • Thanks, I love painting using impressionist technique, though lately I have been doing other things, I need to get back in the impressionist zone, it is so much fun.

    • One more note, if you noticed I mentioned John Singer Sargent’s work “Street in Venice” which may be why I find it so engaging the girl stepping out of the painting. Thanks again.

  1. Can’t you just make it easy on us to “like” your work without leaving a reply? hahahahha…..when I saw this, although the style is impressionistic, I thought of Wyeth….that painting with the girl…I think its called Christina. Anyway, I was left with the same feeling like perhaps I should ponder what’s going on here…beyond the image. I like it. And you made me stop and think about the content – to take a longer look – this is where painting is successful….just my opinion though.

    • I love impressionistic painting, once I am in the zone it goes well. Funny thing I have been doing mixed lately media water color, pastels and encaustic and enjoy them over using oils only because I hate throwing away the paint on my pallet. I am very pleased with this one and the frame works well with it too.

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