Why The Pious Unyn

First time I met the Great Unyn I had thought she was eccentric and a bit strange looking, but after finding out she was a ditty I decided to make her ditty of choice, since we still have the freedom of or from religion, not sure about the from part.  She, the Great Unyn appears large compared to mere mortals, but then dittys should be bigger than life. She is almost as round as she is tall and happens to have a proclivity for copious amounts of Tequila which endeared me heart, since Tequila happens to be one of my favorite proclivity’s as well,  among several others.

I am telling you this so you can know why my blog is titled  the Piousunyn, (to be continued) after all it has been called to my attention I must explain the pious part and not the unyn.

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