Seeing the Light

oil on panel 30 x 36

oil on panel 30 x 36

Finished this last year, I was finally pleased with it and is one of my favorites. I had spent off and on several years getting it to Goldilocks just right…where I liked it. This originally was started in an abstract class shaping cones with string, I preferred doing it freehand. The colors in the painting match the frame texture and color with uncanny likeness.
My studio is full of art works I may have decreed allegedly finished and then I look at them and decide to improve them, of course this mostly would be oils or acrylic…watercolor would be another story.

I like this one to the degree, I may make it my blog header.

Oil on panel framed 30×36


One of the few seascapes I have painted, this was done several years ago, it was from a photograph I took at Monterey long ago. Seascapes can be challenging, particularly if one does not do them regularly. I need to do another seascape, recently I visited a motel in Westport Ca. where there was a seascape which really attracted my attention. If I can find the photo I took of the painting in the motel, I will post it, the artist really captured the mood and energy of the sea extremely well done.

Oil on canvas 18×24

One of my favorite artists…John Singer Sargent

Sometimes I find an art work which inspires me to paint or emulate it,in this case one of my favorite artists John Singer Sargent.
Recently I emulated one of John Singer Sergeants paintings in mixed media it was one he called Black Creek. Soon as I find the Jpg file I will post it for you to see.
Right now I am intrigued by one of Sergeants paintings called Street in Venice, I found it so intriguing for two reasons. One the composition really strikes me and two, I recently saw a photo of a displaced mother and her child in a war torn street in Syria which was just as striking, but screaming sadness as opposed to Sergeants work, which is amusingly sexist… I would paint the Syrian displaced mother, but I cannot find the photo. Anyway here is John Singer Sergeantsjohn-singer-sargent-paintings--street-in-venice-87905 work which I plan to paint in oil on linen.

The Wheat Harvest

Pieter Breughel the Elder, inspired me with his painting “The Wheat Harvest”…probably because we had an exceptional wet winter and the summer hillsides as they dried into summer had a beautiful golden color, which I saw, Breughel the Elder had in this painting. After some research I found out Breughel was the first painter to paint regular people working and playing instead of the usual stogy religious or wealthy persons… Breughel may have changed and van guarded how artists painted and selected their subject matter.
Breughel’s Wheat Harvest really inspired me to emulate his painting best I could. I used an 18×24 canvas which was already prepared and primed in white flake, (which is very toxic for those who work with it, when wet, though I only painted on top of it dry) I have never used paint with white flake. I must say it was an interesting surface to work on, very smooth and white flake really accepted the brush strokes with pleasure.
You can see the original “Wheat Harvest” on many links, but I found this one from Penn State to be interesting;

Here is my rendition of Piter Breughel the Elders “Wheat Harvest”


Fall Redwoods

Fall Redwoods

Okay…backing off of politics for a much more pleasant part of existence…art.

I painted this redwood painting several years ago, it was painted from a photograph taken during the fall. Fall and spring provide those long casting shadows which provide a pleasant beautiful setting for the eyes. This is oil on canvas, 18×24.

A red rose is a rose

A Rose is a rose

I painted this rose from a photograph which I took awhile back, it came out quite nice. Actually I painted this in order to practice dry brushing technique. Every time I learn a new thing in art it becomes another tool I can use when facing different challenges or even to have more fun in my painting.

Oil on canvas, 18×24

Ps: I am not crazy about the red background… but what the hey!

Summer Redwoods

Summer Redwoods

This is my second or third oil of Coast Redwoods, for a time I worked in the redwoods so I felt a bonding with them. I call this “summer redwoods” to separate from my fall painting. Fall is a much better time to take photos of redwoods because of the longer shadows, even so I am happy with the summer painting. This is oil on canvas, 24×30.