Spiritual Tsunami

The Mystic Horse Chronicle

Original painting from Westport Inn CA, artist not known Original painting from Westport Inn CA, artist not known

I walk along the water, challenging the waves to come my way, to take me by surprise. I wonder if some day I’ll be taken by a tsunami. I practice the idea of it, of surrendering to the water, asking it to be gentle with me, to protect me from the violence of large human constructs being tossed recklessly like children’s toys. I envision a soft swirl of water circling within itself enclosing me in its womb and carrying me through the chaos unscathed in body and soul, holding me captive without air until I reach my forever destination. Merging, merging, total surrender into the mystical journey.

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Different Theme

Okay, I changed my theme, not sure if I like this one any better than the last? My goal is to show my art, so it does not look like it is on display at Wal-Mart. I would like to let people choose categories…you know, so people can go onto my poetry or musing about politics. So I may be changing the theme once again? Any comments or constructive criticism about my theme change will be received with appreciation.
Well, I decided to return home to my old theme, so much for change?
I feel comfortable here, just be nice if people search separate category’s.

Broken Noise

Now for the arts…tommorow President George Bush is going to unavail the world to a petdegree of unenlightment,  the announcement is, he is going to show the world  19 masterpieces he painted of world leaders?  As an artist of ill repute I am  looikng forward to seeing his work. Let’s hope his art provides some justice (irony intended) to those great  world leaders like…Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gangrich, the Koch brothers  and other great world leaders. From what I unerstand,  this unavailin will be happening  tommorow on the Today Show…on the other hand if you see this message tommorow this would mean you will see the unavailin today on the Today Show unless you happen to be lucky and have an important appointmet to get a hang nail taken care of.

pS: My apology because this is broken noise, I am forced to type this from my phone.

Adolf…Civil War Hero

Not many people know this and probaly more people would not care… when Adolf Hitler
Had his 122 birthday last year in Chicago, evidently some people actually celibated it. Only in Chicago, about 60 people gathered at a Restaurant to party hardy for Hitler’s “birthday”. It seemed they where also celebrating the start of the Civil war…now I do not know if party goers happen to know this, but Hitler was not in the Civil war?

According to observations from passer by’s…the room was decorated with swastikas, and banners and there were two cakes which were decorated with the words “Happy 122ed Birthday Adolf” and the other one said…”The South Was Right. White Men Fight.” apparently some people do not have a clue of how many years it has been since the Civil War…which explains some things!

Party goers did not wear costumes depicting either Nazis or the Civil war, but there seemed to have been a large number of people wearing tea bags and one person was reported to be riding a strawman,..waving a red fish… which seemd to be a troubling cause of concern among many of the party goers, because they suggested it sort of looked gay?

Police Chief Harry Toad, told reporters that a man with a backpack entered the banquet hall and ordered a shot of Tequila and a vegan sandwich with roast beef and cranberry sauce,.. before heading into the men’s room to set off a smoke bomb.

Harry Toad said the officers do not have a clear description of the man who threw the smoke bomb, except that he was medium height, with a ruddy complexion, had a peg leg, a patch over one eye and a hook for one hand. Police are asking for any information leading to the wherabouts of this man!

Owner of the restaurant, Dusty Bucket,.. said he was not aware that the banquet space was rented for Hitler and he had not noticed the Swastikas!