Broken Noise

Now for the arts…tommorow President George Bush is going to unavail the world to a petdegree of unenlightment,  the announcement is, he is going to show the world  19 masterpieces he painted of world leaders?  As an artist of ill repute I am  looikng forward to seeing his work. Let’s hope his art provides some justice (irony intended) to those great  world leaders like…Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gangrich, the Koch brothers  and other great world leaders. From what I unerstand,  this unavailin will be happening  tommorow on the Today Show…on the other hand if you see this message tommorow this would mean you will see the unavailin today on the Today Show unless you happen to be lucky and have an important appointmet to get a hang nail taken care of.

pS: My apology because this is broken noise, I am forced to type this from my phone.

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