Asparagus and Artichokes

As I watch the Republicans offer us great options for a better world and country, people should know conservatives offer the solution, it is called freedom and liberty with religion as the guiding light.  Anyone who votes Democrat must not be a Christian and surely if they voted for Obama.  The differences between the two political parties are not clear, both want war with Iran, both want to privatize  Social Security, both want to privatize Medicare, both want states to have their rights back, so the good Christian family value of discrimination can return.

One thing Democrats seem to be missing which is a great advantage for the Republicans, is for Democrats Ayn Rand worship is still in the closet.

Let it be known Conservative family values are important to conservatives, so the Koch Brothers can fulfill their well planned destiny, because we know corporations are people too.  Republicans have a huge advantage over Democrats because of their great choices of past mentors and presidents like Ronald Reagan, Bush and having people as guiding lights like Alan Greenspan and Chaney in the wings to guide them and now great leaders in front like Cruz and Cotton.

Both parties are exactly the same, except the Republicans offer a better US, with religion as the bully pulpit. Greenspan plan to make society better is both not just a Democrat plan, it is Ayn Randism at its very best.

Asparagus and Artichokes


Spiritual Tsunami

Originally posted on The Mystic Horse Chronicle:

Original painting from Westport Inn CA, artist not known Original painting from Westport Inn CA, artist not known

I walk along the water, challenging the waves to come my way, to take me by surprise. I wonder if some day I’ll be taken by a tsunami. I practice the idea of it, of surrendering to the water, asking it to be gentle with me, to protect me from the violence of large human constructs being tossed recklessly like children’s toys. I envision a soft swirl of water circling within itself enclosing me in its womb and carrying me through the chaos unscathed in body and soul, holding me captive without air until I reach my forever destination. Merging, merging, total surrender into the mystical journey.

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Abstract…color, value and balance

AbstractOkay, I already wrote this and it was lost in the great divide called web space.

Most recent finished work is this abstract on canvas 20 x 30 inches.  It is a exercise in color balance (not Fox kind) and value.

One views abstracts by squinting…so they look like shapes one sees in a room after waking from a previous evening indulging in copious amounts of tequila.

Abstracts and phone call

Okay I have several works on the easels and I will show them as soon as they are done or I am tired of working on them which,  always means I am done.  Am in  an abstract mode right now,  abstract … this is where I am going and they are a hoot to work with.

As for Politics, I may have to become like the impressionists and turn my back on the blatant stupidity which appears to be US.

Been writing and have a few chapters completed, I may post  them as short stories, (Am thinking out blog here)

Received a strange phone call today….phone rings I answer: “Hello”

On the phone: “Hi Bill?”

Me, “No”

Caller asks, “who is this”

I say, “You called me who is this, no Bills here”.

Caller, “This is Andy Beckstopper”.,

I ask…”Is there a connotation to the name?”

No answer, caller says “sorry, must have the wrong number”

Couple minutes later phone rings and  Bill calls and says, ” Hi Andy this is Bill ” (Sounded like the same guy with Texas Accent to me?)

I Reply, No… he just called me

Bill, “sorry”…hangs up.

Next time Andy Beckstoppr calls and asks for  my name….I will reply “Clint Torus”!

Me Bad!

My studio, Tequila, coffee and heat

My studio, Tequila, coffee and heat