When I feel the urge to try something different in my painting, this is an example. I took this photograph of a declining cypress tree at a place called Jughandle State Park in California. For some strange reason I wanted to try doing a watercolor using yopo paper, because I had heard the name yopo before. (My uncle served in the army with an alleged Samoan Prince named Yopo… whom I met as a small kid). So I painted trying out the Yopo paper, which is a slick shiney paper, the watercolors are not absorbed like in most watercolor papers, so painting on yopo required a different approach, like nothing else I ever painted on before. I may have to try doing a watercolor on yopo paper again.

For some reason the painting came out as an oval, actually it is full sheet matted and framed, but I find it a real challenge just to take a photo through glass. I will attempt one more time to take another photo of Jughandle. Painting the cypress tree was interesting…I could not capture the water in the background as I wanted, but over all I am pleased.

Reeds on the River

As so many artists have done before me… rising in the wee hours of the morning and packing tons of their art supplies to be on location… just to be there for the first rays of the sun, to capture those perfect shadows and the ever so evasive blue morning tint. Packing hot coffee, watercolors, bushes, easel and a never warm enough cold weather parka, always a very long hike to a vantage point on top of the highest hill… only to find out they forgot the water.

Mixed Media on full sheet

Mixed Media on full sheet

This abstract is called “Reeds on the River” it is mixed media on a full sheet.

Ps: Actually I do most of my work in studio.


Recently I have been on an abstract tear. I really enjoy the freedom of experesson when in the zone doing an abstract painting, this one is a watercolor, if I recall a half sheet which means it is about 15 inches by 22 inches.
Fyi: I made the error of not taking a photo of the painting before having it framed, which is a problem trying not to get a glare, same problem for oil paintings which have been varnished.

In the zone

In the zone