Moon over trees

Nocturnal moon over trees

Nocturnal moon over trees

Acrylic/oil on canvas 18×24

After my negativity about acrylics, please let me apologize…I have had some fun with acrylics also. This work was done from me minds eye and done quickly using pint jars of acrylic paint on canvas. I like to use a large brush and paint fast to get the basic work done and if I am not happy with it I finish it in oil. Now, I do not remember if I finished this in oil so to be safe I will say I did and this in mixed media. Soon as I find two other acrylic works which I am sure I did not finish in oil I will post them, one is called the “tree of life” and the other is named “Carob” (name of a horse).

I find doing this blog helps me focus on my art and forces me to pay attention to what I have done in the past.

The new buggy whip…Newspapers

Farwell Newspapers

Okay…I had used this painting as my header for a very short time, but I wanted to have a more generic abstract which is what you see for the time being as my blog header.
When I saw this as a colored photo in a local newspaper, which was covering the topic about the demise of newspapers.  I suppose, my experience delivering newspapers for 4 years as a youngster caught my eye and I fell in love with the contrasting colors. This is called farewell to newspapers… mixed media on canvas, 18×24

Reeds on the River

As so many artists have done before me… rising in the wee hours of the morning and packing tons of their art supplies to be on location… just to be there for the first rays of the sun, to capture those perfect shadows and the ever so evasive blue morning tint. Packing hot coffee, watercolors, bushes, easel and a never warm enough cold weather parka, always a very long hike to a vantage point on top of the highest hill… only to find out they forgot the water.

Mixed Media on full sheet

Mixed Media on full sheet

This abstract is called “Reeds on the River” it is mixed media on a full sheet.

Ps: Actually I do most of my work in studio.