Nice to see you darling!


First let me start this with an apology, since I am not a politician I have the freedom and respect of accountability to apologize.  In this case I was reading though my blog comments and likes section when I saw the following quote from ZsaZsa Gabor.  So here I am smug in my blogosphere thinking I do not need to remember peoples names but when I searched through my comment and follow section I could not find the blog person who posted the ZaZa comment to give  a credit link.

Zaza Gabor explained she addressed everyone by calling them  “darling” because she could not remember their names. I like the ZsaZsa idea (also like the name ZsaZsa)  for I have one heck of a time remembering most anything… including not remembering peoples names.  So, I decided for a time  to addresse everyone by calling them dude, this worked for a short time until I used it on a women, who seemed to find it offensive to her femininity… even after mentioning about  equal rights she seemed even more animated and upset, she still did not find my women’s equal rights  argument acceptable, maybe she was a Republican?  Then I remembered back in boot camp when my Drill Instructor  addressed all of us boots as … “ladies”, apparently some of the guys  found being called “ladies” sort of insulting,  though it did not bother me,  because I found it kind of funny?  Then I tried out addressing everyone by calling them  “Cuz”… becuz in a sense everyone in the world is everyone’s Cuz, though it sounds strange to people you never met before, so I did not go with cuz.  How about addressing other people you cannot remember their names by “brother” or “sister”?  I decided against  this, because calling someone “brother or sister” could become quite uncomfortable…one never knows, especially in my  case with the ladies  I never know when I may have amorous intentions down the road,  plus brother sounds kind of religious like a monk or something.  A lot of people seem to like using the word “you” which is not always used in a positive sense, like…when this guy addressed me by saying…”You”… “sound like a Nazi wearing Jackboots”…or “you”…” are one of those liberal pinko commies”…no “you” does not work well, when addressing people, and  it sounds kind of insulating,  especially when “you” is followed by a four letter word.

So in the end… I ask a person as I grab my smarty pants phone;  “and … how do you spell your name again”.