My sperences with painting floors and Methodologists

I member when I was younger I used to paint houses inside and out…I painted myself into a corner once, for some strange reason… I member quite clearly… all of a sudden I had to go Pee!

I went to the local community church here in Hoot Owl¬†… I think they called them selves Methodologists, guess that’s Christian? All I member is doing a lot of standing up and sitting down and singing off key…they evidently passed around a salad bowl full of money, I felt guilty but thought it was like my grandmas candy bowl, so I took some and then I don’t member much… except I ended up outside? So I have had some sperence with those Christians folks you talk about, but I don think I want to go back.

Now…my Grandma would slap my hand when she said I took more than my allowance of candy… but grandma never threw me outside?

Those Methodologists seemed kinda strange to me?