Nothing like a politicin

Arse, Arse

An enduring term to me
So when I call thee

I mean no insult, nor do I mean to hurt
It is just my way, to be so curt

You talk so long, but say so little
Why do you always, just diddle

Speak clearly, make your point, say your feelings
If you would just do as I ask, I would not hit the ceiling

Spit it out, even if you would shout

Why do you not say what you believe
instead you blow smoke and deceive

Why does it bother me so
It seems you should really know

An enduring term I shall use
My response to your boring muse

For the Bull


Blame a game,

fear a tool

Plutocracy making all look the fool

Manipulation used to guide

Illusions and deceptions to hide

Always money making everything so funny

An oil spill here, a coal mine accident there, life is sunny

Slob on the street, cannon fodder for the elite

Welfare for the poor call it socialism in a heat

Bail out for Wall Street

Now… that can’t be beat!