Chimp hords stones, while people throw dirt

A while back I read in the news the following headline: “Chimp hordes stones for throwing at visitors in zoo

Apparently the remarkable ability of Chimpanzee to save and horde stones until it became agitated when larger numbers of visitors attended the zoo, sets a new precedent on animals in connecting them to humans.  Usually when agitated, monkeys have been known to through dirt. (Actually monkey poo), but monkeys never planned in advance like the chimp,  monkeys always did it on the spur of the moment… so monkeys went with the flow sort to  speak.

Even more remarkable is the ability of some humans to have shown an ability to horde their thought  (usually one) and the ability to throw their verbal or written poo or debris when agitated, which seems to indicate some limited degree of premeditation on some humans part also.  This has actually helped scientists realize the similarities between humans to Chimps,  the connection is now closer than ever before…with the Chimps still in front.