Kama Sutra Politics… Guess who gets buggered?

My self proclaimed expert opinion supersedes many others, for the simple reason I had cards printed. I do not know about anyone else in this great nation of ours, I have seen some marvelous changes made since Obama has been in the white house…for the life of me I just cannot pin a finger on any of them. So the only hope I seem able to conjure up is my hope these great changes made by Obama become apparent to me before I am struck by a meteor.

During the election I was gaga over Obama under his spinning spell of the Hope and Change, only to find out it turned into a blind date with a much smarter George Bush. What ever happened to getting rid of the lobbyists? How about the new Medical Scheme, (the ACA) seems like it turned out to be much better than a stick in the eye and more expensive. If I knew Obama was going to spend all his time in so many different compromising positions, I would have ordered a hard bound copy of “Kama Sutra” from Amazon.

I voted for Obama even though I was aware of his hawk like qualities, after all Obama seemed like such a nice guy, who actually speaks using complete sentences.

After contemplating my navel, I feel there is little difference between either the Democrats or the Republicans. Eight years of watching a smirking Bush in the white house and congress giving the smirking Bush just about everything he asked for without a hitch… except Social Security. Then hope and change Obama moves into the White house with a much touted Democratic majority and all of a sudden everything passes with the ease of a kidney stone. Blame can go to the Blue ball Democrats and the GOPER party of no for calling the shots, after all these compromising positions the need for a “Kama Sutra 2” should be in order!

Not so fond memeories

The other day when I had some free time for Reminiscing and after watching what is called News, for some strange reason I recalled the time after Bushes Shock and Awe happened in Iraq… there appeared a deck of cards showing alleged criminals from the Sudden Assume government in Iraq, containing pictures of alleged and apparently already convicted Iraqi criminals wanted by the United States Government. After very little thought, I wondered how we could do something similar to making a deck of cards for alleged criminals in Washing DC, for those naughty opportunists we know so well. Seems to me, we would need to develop an extraordinarily large set of dominoes instead of only 52 lousy cards.
I ask why bother, in a million years, after all the dominoes were taken care of, we would just have to start over and make a new set of dominos anyway?