Oppressors do not feel as they should while the oppressed feel as they do .

The wicked bathe in glee, as their victims suffer.

Apathy spawns, do unto others as you want, but do not do unto me as you want.

Emptiness is the treasure for trying to steal happiness.

Selfish are blind to beauty.

Vindictiveness grows like the cancer it is, while life should grow with love.

Pettiness is the substance of nothingness, many abide abundant nothingness.

Goodness of the heart must defend from within

Georgie Porgie

Growing up recent events reminded me of the Georgie Porgie Poem, not sure what the orginal Georgie Porgie was all about, but my rendition seems to be up to date.

Georgie Porgie

Rain on grass and concrete
Georgie Porgie with a gun
pow, dead black mans son

Raining on grass

Man with gun

dead mans son

Vast room chairs
full of empty minds
all so blind

Solving your problem

Take all radioactive waste
to just the right place

May I suggest Washington DC
For dost matter little to me

so to Mongolia it must go
for they do not know

never in my yard nor next to me
so far away tis to be

out of sight out of mind
in your yard… not mine

Send it to the moon, I say
get that waste out of my way

Leefeller Guy




Twists and turns make the path hard and long
In the shadows things not seen, nor feel they belong

Little sounds, loud noises stop us in our tracks
move on,  climb over logs that bar the way
keep on moving,  I say

move brush aside that would slap our face
we must continue with our constant pace

Stay the path, or lost we will be
When we get to the end only then will we  see