I painted this sometime ago and what is annoying I had posted this and other art works here which appear to be missing?  Anyway this is one of my first expressionist works when I did not even know what expressionist was. 18×24  oil on canvas, it is sold. Carab

Golden Gate Bridge

Okay, this is from a photo I took a while back and I have been wanting to paint this. I painted this on a panel using oil sticks and finished it with oil paint. I really had fun doing this. In my view this is expressionist style, what say you?

Oil sticks and Oil paint on panel 18×24.

20160324_081617_resized (1)

Riding High

Acrylic on Panel 3 x 4

Acrylic on Panel 3 x 4

This was last worked on December 31 2015, New Years Eve, my attempt to finish it by the end of the year may stand. Done in acrylic and had the intent I was to finish it in oil, but  I really like it where it is, so for now it is finished.